This isn’t just snacks. It’s a mission.

We aren’t satisfied with making ‘good’ protein bars, or even ‘better’ protein bars. Our mission is to create nutritious bars so outrageously great tasting, you just can’t wait to eat them.

17 Years of Hardcore Awesomeness

Our founder was an Olympic silver medalist, passionate about the performance benefits of whey protein. At the time, protein bars were gritty, chalky affairs. When he found his way to making something that tastes as good as a candy bar, SMART was born. We’ve never deviated from doing things our way – with solid nutrition and outrageously amazing taste. And we never will.

Community Matters

It’s all about you. Promise. We geek out when people tell us how our bars have helped them reach a goal or manage their health. Award-winning taste wouldn’t mean much if it wasn’t linked to something far more important – how you feel after you eat it. Whether you’re limiting sugar, going gluten-free, finding your healthiest weight, or pushing your next workout a little farther, you’ve got the SMARTest community behind you.


Take your pick, or mix and match if you can't decide on just one!